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You might not have thought of having your air ducts cleaned unless you have confronted a mold issue, or had your HVAC contractor urge it. Confused about whether or even duct cleaning is something which needs to be included on your regular upkeep? Read here for more details about who urges duct cleaning, and the reason you need to look at adding it to your care regimen.

The EPA says that there’s not any scientific proof that routine residential duct cleaning enhances air quality. Instead, the EPA doesn’t recommend that air ducts be cleaned regularly, but only as necessary — like if mold, pests or excess debris mess the machine. But, experts assert the need for cleaning is dependent upon an assortment of factors, such as smoking, pets, current renovations, local weather conditions and general home cleanliness.

In accordance with AngiesList.com,”Experts say research about the health advantages of residential property cleaning remains in its infancy. Glenn Fellman, the Indoor Air Quality Association‘s executive director, says that despite the dearth of scientific information, he has seen and seen much common-sense signs of enhanced air quality.

‘This really is the heart and circulatory system of your residence,” Fellman states. “If some of it’s gunked up with dust or mold, the core process is not likely to operate properly. ”’

Don’t wait till it’s too late. If you need help cleaning your air ducts, give the professionals at Restoration Brothers Hartford a call  now for a free estimate.

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